One Moment 

Scheduled to be published in late 2018 – One Moment is a gripping, touching and empowering memoir of one woman’s search for peace and purpose across a life filled with challenge and adversity. This book is sure to inspire and motivate it’s readers to search for their own best selves.

– An excerpt from the Preface by the author, Lorri Moore

Everyone has a story – a beginning, middle and an end or a dream to an end, this, I know. Everyone at one time or another, encounters that one moment in which their life takes a completely different direction.  I think my story has value to anyone who’s come  from an abusive and difficult childhood.  Now I don’t want you to think “oh jeeze another abused child story”, on the contrary, those events are just the bits and parts of the meat of “my story“; a story of which I had unknowingly been an apprentice to my whole life. Horrific at times, explosive, humiliating, joyous, sad and triumpant and many other emotions I hope will resonate with you, the reader.

I was raised in darkness and for one reason or another have been brought to my  knees many times along the way.   And  those reasons, that nearly broke me, have also transformed me. I’ve learned that people can choose to grow even in the most sordid  environment.  Like the orchid which only grows in a combination of mud and shit.  I like to consider myself a rare and beautiful flower, the most precious kind, for I have seen the hell of the human spirit,,,  And yet flourished into the light, held close to my faith, my spirituality and I strive every moment to keep my dreams alive.

Because of my life experiences I can offer others an insight, a viewing into what we, as humans, can survive and how we can empower our self to change if we demand it.  It only takes one moment to change your life or the life of another forever. Find and sieze your moment.

Lorri’s hope is to encourage other women to live inspired and to step forward on the journey of becoming who they really want to be. Through her mentoring and coaching programs Lorri Moore shares how to apply universal principals into taking responsibility, stop settling and getting out of your own way, breakthrough inner blocks, physical and emotional ailments, limiting behavioral patterns to creating the lifestyle and business of your own design vs. living a life by default and circumstance

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