So Much Heart & Soul

“In my first month of completing the program I have closed just over $12,000 in new clients! And the month isn’t even over yet! Lorri helped me move through some visibility blocks and through the program I was able to OWN my expertise and sign up new clients to my programs as well as my products. Lorri helped me get into ACTION doing the right things to really grow not only my confidence but in my business by leaps and bounds.
Most of all I love Lorri’s energy, dedication, and the heartfelt support from her is so special & loving. She offers so much in really a safe place for women to learn and grow.
If you’re thinking of hiring a coach who is heartfelt, genuine, authentic and can get you results, Lorri is your gal!”

Sarah Scott

Fitness Doctors

Lorri is a one-woman dynamo.

She has presided as CEO of two companies, that I know of, and built them from the ground up. She is aggressive and always reaches corporate goals.
Besides being business-savvy, she is exceptionally creative as a writer, producer and director. She is in the process of authoring an autobiography which has already caught the attention of publishers.  She is a perfect transformation guide.
In her personal life, she is an animal activist. She respects life in all of its forms.
She is my sister, my best friend, a soul-mate and trusted confidante. I don’t think that there is anything that this woman cannot do. She has great inner strength and integrity. I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with her in this lifetime.


Loredana Nesci, Esq

The Legal Diva

The Program Lorri’s running changed my LIFE

“Lorri is an amazing Coach.  Not only does she know what she is talking about, but she is awesome to be around.  She’s gorgeous, but not intimidating, very down to earth and has a heart of gold.  She genuinely wants to make a difference in her clients’ life and it shows in the way she shows up. After gaining *cough* more pounds than I care to admit in a public forum, I knew I needed some outside motivation.  Lorri promptly returned my calls, was able to fit me into her schedule and I had a breakthrough call with her to discuss my goals and preferences.  As a former personal trainer, I am pretty picky and lorri was awesome.  She pushed and knew when to back off.  She was professional, focused and put a lot of work into planning the program.  I immediately signed up and felt the results within the first week.  I highly recommend this program and Lorri!!!”

~Nicole Murnin, Cosmetologist

Enthusiastic about my goals

“Lorri is just amazing!! She kicks my butt on a regular basis. Whenever I finish our one-on-one calls, I find myself completely excited, clear and enthusiastic about my goals.  All around, working with Lorri has been a wonderful experience!!”

~Rhonda Ferry, Health & Wellness Center Manager

Professional In her Work

Lorri is a tremendous individual and her professionalism is unwavering. Great to work with!

~Daniel Nicolau
Mortgage Loan Consultant at BCU

Excellent work and devotion

Lorri has an excellent work ethic and will devote all her energy to getting the results you want! One hundred percent reliable, accountable as well as enthusiastic! I recommend her highly.

~Kelly Wellman
Professor – Ventura County Community College

I’ve experienced numerous coaches over the years, and Lorri definitely ranks as number 1 !!  She knows exactly how to figure out specifically what you need to achieve your goals, and before you know it, you’re exceeding your goals.
I am sooooo grateful to have ended up with Lorri as my coach.

Dr. Claudy-Ann Keasberry D.C., N.R.T.P.

Keasberry Health Center

Start off your year with “MOORE MINDSET DYNAMICS” in your life!  Lorri is the best coach on the earth!  First of all — LOOK at her!  OMG!  I love when my coach practices what she preaches!  Yeah!  It’s also rare to meet someone who authentically cares so much about your welfare both inside and out.  She will kick your butt, but in a nice way 🙂  Thank you Lorri for being such an amazing inspiration!

Lisa France

Producer / Film Maker, Roll With Me

“I had a total knee replacement June 2010 and I have been struggling physically and emotionally ever since. At times limping so badly that I have had to be taken off work for another few weeks to “rest” the knee. I have taken, since surgery, 800mg Motrin morning and night and 1000 mg Tylenol extra strength morning and night because of the pain. After a reference from my sister about Lorri, I set up an appointment for a breakthrough call where I signed up for her Healthy Wealthy Mindset program. I am off the prescription meds, the Motrin and reduced the Tylenol by half. I am walking so well now, they call me “Kathy Long Strides”. We continue to work on mindset, strengthening and much more. I have been instructed in addition to my exercise program , diet and the right foods to eat, how to change my thoughts about myself, found confidence and clarity around my health….almost  60 years old and I feel so good.  Thank-you to Lorri for the motivation, tools and support so I can live my life in full and release the pause button once and for all. I have started this New Year a new person thanks to Lorri and my sister who advised me to see her. I can walk again and I do not limp and that was after 5 sessions….it isn’t easy but it has given me a new life. I have a new vitality for life…I am doing more than I ever thought I was capable of physically and personally and I have only just begun…….will keep you updated on this journey!  Lorri, thank-you for my new year of a “healthy wealthy” life.”

Kathy Coe

Registered Nurse

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